Atomic Aquatics SV1 Snorkel

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Atomic Aquatics has redefined what a snorkel can be with the SV series snorkels by inventing a smaller, streamlined snorkel that clears water easily and is comfortable to use. The lower section of the SV1 enables water to be easily expelled. Any water entering the top of the snorkel bypasses the mouthpiece completely and exits out the purge valve. The diver simply exhales a small burst of air to clear any water trapped below the mouthpiece, and the internal tube airway is kept dry. Comfortable, hypoallergenic Dual silicone mouthpiece prevents over-clenching of teeth that would restrict air flow, and can be rotated for optimum comfort. With the soft flex section, this snorkel fits your face, not the other way around! Quick disconnect snorkel keeper lets you easily disconnect the snorkel from the mask for storage, and includes 30 degree rotation as well as sliding adjustment.

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Care instructions:
Rinse with fresh water after use. Allow to dry before storing in a cool, dry place.

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