Pirate Junior Deluxe Silicone Mask/Dry Snorkel Combo by Head Snorkeling

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Keep your kids enthusiastic about the water by setting them up with this comfortable, high-quality combo set from Head Snorkeling, part of the Mares professional diving equipment group. Don't subject them to hard plastic masks from mass merchants that will cut into their fun!

Pirate Kids Silicone Mask:

  • Designed to fit children and young adults, this mask will fit most children ages 5-12
  • Two separate lenses lets the mask sit closer to the face for a more streamlined profile
  • Clear frame with color accent panel lets lots of light in, reducing that claustrophobic feeling
  • Soft, hypoallergenic transparent silicone conforms to many face shapes and seals out water without the strap being too tight
  • Lenses have extended downward vision due to the unique shape of the lens - makes it easier to see down and around
  • Easy-adjust buckles lets the strap be adjusted for comfort

Pirate Dry Snorkel:

  • Designed specifically for children, this snorkel takes the struggle out of snorkeling for new snorkelers
  • The top acts like a splash-guard while on the surface, and the pivoting valve will automatically close to seal out water when the wearer dives under the surface
  • The lower purge valve helps drain out any water that gets in, without having to blast it all the way up and out of the snorkel
  • Clip to secure the snorkel to any mask
  • Comfortable siliter mouthpiece for long-wearing softness
  • Built-in safety whistle at the bottom of the snorkel

Additional Details

Care instructions:
Before first use, pre-treat mask with gentle mask cleaner such as Sea Buff. Apply defog to mask before each use. After use, rinse in fresh water and allow to dry before storing in a cool, dry place.

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