Snorkel Mask Shield Kit Alternative PPE Solution (filter not included)

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The Snorkel Mask Shield is an alternative PPE solution created from an off-the-shelf full-face snorkel mask by adding a custom adapter that allows the user to add an inline breathing circuit viral/bacterial filter. The snorkel mask provides a full-face shield and air seal and allows for controlled intake through the filter port and exhaust through the mask purge valve.

The Snorkel Mask Shield kit includes a full face snorkeling mask (available in four sizes*), a custom 3D-printed or injection molded adapter**, and two exhalation port diverters.

A breathing circuit viral/bacterial filter is not included in the kit, but may be added by the user to suit individual needs. The adapter has a 22mm port to fit various inline filters including the ViroMax Viral & Bacterial Filter 22mm Bidirectional In-Line BVF 156200, which is shown in an example installation in the photographs.

This system was developed by industry and medical experts at as a Michigan-sourced variant developed in parallel with The Pneumask Project.***

Snorkel Mask Shield kits are ready to for issue to anyone who has a need and are not limited to medical personnel. Individual price is $75 per kit, or they may be picked up locally in Dexter, MI. As fundraising efforts grow, individuals and organizations can apply for reduced- or no-cost kits based on need and funding through the website.

Size recommendations: select based on the distance from the bottom of your chin to the centerline of your eyes.

  • XS: Up to 3.75 inches. For children.
  • Small/Medium: Between 3.75 and 4.25 inches. For teens and adults with petite faces.
  • Medium/Large: Between 4.25 and 4.75 inches. For adults with small to medium sized faces (most average sized women and some men)
  • Large/X-Large: 4.75 inches or more. For adults with larger faces and head (most larger adults)

Features of the full face snorkeling mask: Breathe naturally through your nose or mouth, which ever is most comfortable for you. Comfortable hypo-allergenic silicone face seal. Internal compartmentalization to direct your exhaled breath away from the viewing lens, to elimiate fogging. Inhaled air is focused on the inside of the face plate to reduce eye irritation and keep the viewing lens clear.

*All sizes are produced in the same factory to the same specifications, but vary in branding. Currently, the Extra Small, Small, and Large size versions of the kit contain the HEAD Sea VU Dry, while the Medium size kits contain the Ocean Reef Aria QR+. Colors may vary.

**Initial kits include custom 3D-printed adapters. An injection-molded plastic version of the adapter is under development, which will allow us to increase our rate of production and meet the anticipated volume of need.

***The project uses the Dolfino mask from Walmart. Our user testing indicates a comfort and seal preference for the HEAD/Ocean Reef masks, especially in users with larger heads.

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