Vincere Sand Socks Soft-Soled Beach Socks (Toddler/Child)

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Sand socks are a great way to protect young childrens' feet from heat, abrasion, and sun while playing on the beach. Comfortable, easy to wear, and great protection make these socks better than reef shoes or bare feet. At iSnorkel, we also find these to be an ideal sock to wear inside snorkeling or swim fins to protect tender skin from abrasion, blisters, and rashes.


  • Tough neoprene sole resists abrasions from heavy sand or occasional rough objects and surfaces while protecting from hot or cold surfaces. Form-fitted to your feet for optimized use on sand, not on hard or rough surfaces.
  • Highest quality 4-way stretch Lycra uppers are breathable, cool, and keep sand out of the socks while providing excellent sun protection with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+.
  • Only high quality threads from the wetsuit and dive industries in the manufacturing of our Sand Socks. The composition of the threads (Nylon and Polyester content vs. cotton) is critical to the reliability of Sand Socks under the stresses and sun/sand/salt water conditions they experience. For additional reliability, we employ a superb 4-needle locking flat stitch using 6 threads, unlike lower quality processes, such as 3-locking stitches.

Choose your size from the chart on the Size Tab.

  • For larger kids shoe sizes (size 1 and up), see the original adult/youth sand socks.
  • Please note: Although Sand Socks will provide a small level of protection to minor beach hazards such as small rocks, weeds, or rough objects, they are not designed for continuous exposure to such hazards. When dealing with rough surfaces, Sand Socks should be worn with shoes or sandals to protect the product and your feet.

    Additional Details

    Care instructions:
    Rinse in fresh water after every use, inside and out. Periodically hand wash or machine wash cold (with velcro straps securely closed) in gentle detergent. Hang to dry inside out then flip right side out.
    Size guide:
    Vincere Sand Socks Soft-Soled Beach Socks (Toddler/Child) size chart

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