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XCel Women's Longsleeve Front-Zip Aqua Fitness Wetsuit Jacket


Product Description

This iSnorkel exclusive is designed to give you extra warmth when snorkeling, scuba diving, tubing, waterskiing, or even taking aqua fitness classes at your local pool. It makes a great companion piece to our Racerback Shorty to extend your swim season. Or, wear it over your swimsuit, or with boardshorts, or over a dive skin - it's an adaptable layering piece!


  • 2mm Neoprene for insulation
  • Full length front zipper makes it easy to put on and take off, even for those with mobility restrictions
  • Ultra-stretch side panels help the suit conform to different body types and allows for comfortable shoulder and arm movement
  • Scoop neck is not too high, not too low
  • Designed and cut to fit a woman's curves
  • 2mm neoprene
  • "Smoothie" options in select sizes have a small stand-up collar and wind-resistant smoothskin outer surface to reduce cooling from evaporation
  • Available in a wide range of sizes from 6 to 24 including plus sizes
  • Note: for comfort and support, we recommend wearing this suit over your regular bathing suit or sport-type undergarments

Other Details

Size guide:
XCel Women's Longsleeve Front-Zip Aqua Fitness Wetsuit Jacket size chart
Care instructions:
Rinse in fresh water. Hang to dry inside out on a wide shouldered plastic hanger. Hand wash in cool water with wetsuit shampoo. Do not machine wash or dry. To minimize color fading, rinse in fresh water immediately after use in chlorinated water.
2mm neoprene

Product Reviews

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  1. Xcel women's long sleeve front zip aqua fitness wetsuit jace

    Posted by None in Wilmington, DE on Mar 18th 2016

    I swim in a pool that is supposed to be 88 degrees but never say is. I have back problems and this is the only way I can get exercise. Well after getting into freezing water, it's an indoor pool , for over three months I decided to invest in the jacket. Everyone laughed at me at first but now they are all asking does it really keep you warm, wear did you get it, etc... I love it how I can now get in the water and not freeze or take forever to get warm. Plus an added benefit to it is , like I said I have a bad back, it keeps my back warm in the cold water!!!!

  2. Excellent fit!

    Posted by Satisfied customer in Tallahassee, Fl on Feb 15th 2016

    The jacket is a very good fit for my short ststu frame. However, the selves are a little long. Overall, I am enjoying the jacket. It protects my skin during the winter months.

  3. Xcel women's long sleeve front zip wetsuit jacket

    Posted by Kat in Mpls,Mn on Feb 2nd 2016

    I purchased the Xcel wetsuit jacket for pool use while teaching swimming lessons. I'm in the water for 4 hours teaching and while the pool is kept at 86 degrees I'm not creating heat. The wetsuit has provided heat and is comfortable to move and swim in. Water does come in the sleeve but doesn't cool me since the pool temp is 86. I did use the jacket while doing water exercise and found the jacket comfortable.

  4. Great Product!

    Posted by PAB in Marana, Az on Jan 6th 2016

    This is the 3d water jacket I have purchased, none of the others (different brands) have fit like this one. In order to get the jacket to fit I had to go into a mans jacket and they were too big or small in certain body areas. I wear a size 20 and It is true to size, stylish, and very comfortable. I play water volleyball and it allows complete freedom of movement without filling up with water that weights you down. I highly recommend this company and this jacket. Thank you Isnorkel for carrying plus sizes.

  5. Excellent Choice for Aqua Aerobics

    Posted by sparky in Sunnyvale, CA on Dec 28th 2015

    Definitely pleased with this product. In 45 degree weather it kept me comfortably warm during my workout this morning. Size 12 is my go-to and this 12 fit me well. With full range of motion. There is nothing cumbersome about this product. A little water seeped into the sleeves but not enough to bring any discomfort. Don't let the price discourage you. It is well worth it.

  6. Excellent - highly recommend

    Posted by Sue in Vancouver, BC on Dec 24th 2015

    Use this in my heated pool in British Columbia, Canada. Lets me stay in the water for 45 minutes every day, to do many stretches, without getting chilled by the the outdoor temperatures (32-45 degrees F). Highly recommend it. Added bonus that it's lightweight, dries quickly, and is attractive. Very well made - looking forward to using it next summer in lake water for serious swimming.

  7. Nice to find in larger size!

    Posted by AspenGal in Aspen, CO on Dec 12th 2015

    I just started taking water aerobics, but dreaded getting into a cool/cold indoor swimming pool early in the morning (I'm NOT a 'morning' person). A friend already owned one of these wet suit jackets and uses it specifically for this purpose, so I promptly purchased one. Wearing it has changed my attitude about getting into that pool, and I find I'm enjoying my water aerobics classes much more. I'll also use it on rafting trips here in Colorado, as well as snorkeling. It easily dries overnight in my shower after I've wrapped it in my towel to absorb excess water. THANK YOU for offering this top in larger women's sizes! The size 18 fits me well. (I'm 64 yrs old, 5'4", wear either a size 18 or 20 in sweaters and tops, and no longer have much of a waistline.) The only issue I have is that the bottom of the jacket 'floats up' when I'm exercising unless I have a float belt buckled on. Fortunately I have a sewing machine. To solve this problem I'm planning on sewing a neoprene strap to the back of the jacket; the strap will run underneath my crotch and snap onto the front, to help keep the jacket bottom in place (but still allow the jacket to be easily removed).

  8. Great for outdoor water aerobics

    Posted by Retired water aerobics swimmer in Walnut Creek, CA on Oct 28th 2015

    5 stars out of 5. I could not be happier. I was a little worried when I tried it on at home, that I would be excessively warm in it. That is not the case. I am just right when swimming outdoors. Our pool temperature is in the 70's. Air temperature is in the 50's right now. I use a Water Gym floatation belt which closes off the jacket at my waist, so no water can flow up, & ithe belt holds the jacket in position. I also tried swimming with no flotation belt and got more ballooning of water under the jacket. Size is difficult for me with all clothing because my bust is about 44", waist is 39", hips 52". I ended up with the size 18. I could not use a smaller size because the arms were too tight on smaller sizes, though, my torso could have used a slightly smaller size. However, the 18 is very close to being as though made for me. The blue size panels allow some stretch to fit the body.

  9. Wow!Extremely Impressed!

    Posted by ladydi in Capitola, CA on Oct 16th 2015

    Love this jacket! Use it in our mild winters for aqua class and lap swim. Easy to move in, fit is perfect and double bonus looks fantastic!

  10. Good transaction

    Posted by Rwill2730 in Fort Dick, Ca on Aug 29th 2015

    Seems great. I haven't used it yet Prompt delivery.

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